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Entry #2

What the fuck?

2010-08-31 00:57:13 by wizardsmagic007

This site is some bullshit. Made me waste a few minutes submitting a song that NEVER EVEN made it through the review status. So I already give up! I'm a youtube partner and I don't even need the crappy revenue from this website. I got nearly 250,000 upload views on 39 videos. At least my shit can't get rejected from youtube.

So peace,
you'll never hear from me again on here.


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2010-08-31 03:21:47

When you submit audio as a newcomer it has to be check out by an Audio Mod to see if it's not stolen. It'll say you're ban but you're not. The whole process will take anywhere from a few weeks to a month since there is a backlog.

Just be patient and I'm sure it'll work out. ;)